1. The 95% advance rate is for an all-cash portfolio.

2. Securities-based loans offered through The Bancorp Bank, N.A. (Bank) cannot be used for the purchase of securities or to pay off a margin loan that was used to purchase securities.

3. Capitalizing interest on a securities-based loan may significantly increase the overall cost of borrowing. Financial professionals should discuss this option thoroughly with clients.

4. Securities-based lending has special risks and may not be suitable for everyone. If the market value of the pledged collateral declines below required level, the client may be required to pay down the loan or line of credit or pledge additional eligible collateral in order to maintain it, or the Bank may require the sale of some or all of the client's pledged collateral. The sale of the client's pledged collateral may cause adverse tax consequences. Pledged collateral may not contain retirement assets.

The Bank does not offer tax or legal advice. Clients should consult a tax advisor or attorney, as necessary.

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